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We carry T. Gigas, T. Squamosa, T. Maxima, T. Crocea, and T. Derasa clams on the Coral Reef Farm and facility.

Clams absorb ammonia, and other water-borne organics.

If you have any questions or need information on clams, give Jeff a call.
Crocea Clam
 (Tridacna Crocea) 
Item ID  013682
Small  $69.99
Medium  $89.99
Large  $119.99
Derasa Clam
 (Tridacna Derasa) 
Item ID  013681
Small  $45.99
Medium  $69.99
Large  $119.99
Fiji Maxima Clam
 (Tridacna Maxima) 
Item ID  013489
Small  $49.99
Medium  $79.99
Large  $129.99
Gigas Clam
 (Tridacna Gigas) 
Item ID  013481
Tear Drop Maxima Clam
 (Tridacna Maxima) 
Item ID  013480
Small  $49.99
Medium  $79.99
Large  $129.99
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