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Real and live coral for saltwater and freshwater fishtanks

There is a big difference between aquacultured live coral and coral that you find from some coral distributors.  Unfortunately, coral is sometimes stolen straight from tropical reefs throughout the world.  This is the equivalent of poaching fish or game and it is forbidden in many locales.  At Coral Reef Farm, we grow our own live coral.  Aquacultured live coral means that it was grown in tanks for the sole purpose of selling the coral to consumers or educators.

After the movie, “Finding Nemo” was released, kids all over the world wanted a tropical fishtank of their own.  Parents soon realized that a saltwater fishtank takes a fair amount of work—as much as taking care of a puppy.  With a freshwater tank, you can feed fish once or twice a day and leave it at that.  The tradeoff is that freshwater fish are not nearly as exciting and electric as saltwater fish.  At Coral Reef Farm, we put care into growing our aquacultured live coral and tropical inverts because we are saltwater aquarium enthusiasts ourselves. 

Every time you buy live rock or coral from our site, you will know that it has been grown with great care and knowledge of what makes rock and coral thrive. This is not something you can rush into.  For this reason, you’ll never find that we sell live rock or coral before it is absolutely ready for shipment.  Certain coral may not be always available, but when it is you’ll know it’s the highest quality available online or anywhere. 

What this means is that if you buy live coral from us, you’ll be getting a complete corral, not a frag.  Many coral retailers sell frags—pieces of corral.  These pieces of coral may only last a short time in your fish tank and are not nearly as healthy or brilliant looking as whole corral.  With farm-raised corral, like the coral we offer, the coral will arrive to you mounted on the rock where it was raised.  Ordering a frag is something like ordering the tail of the fish and nothing else. 

You should be wary of unmounted coral—yet most live coral for sale is in partial frags.  We may have only begun with a partial frag, but then our aquacultured live coral is allowed to grow to fruition in our coral farm.  Only then is it put up for sale to the public. 

Another issue with wild coral frags—i.e. partial coral taken straight from the ocean—is that it is not as safe for your fishtank and aquarium life.  Wild coral is more prone to carrying bacteria and other pests that can wreak havoc on an aquarium ecosystem.  Our whole live coral for sale is grown in a controlled environment so it is guaranteed to live for a long time and to not impinge on the lives of the animal life in your tank.
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