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Live Coral

One of the major things that separate saltwater aquariums for your standard goldfish bowl is live Coral.  In a saltwater aquarium, the fish aren’t the only living thing.  You don’t just stick a treasure chest and a few plastic trees in a bowl and consider that a good environment for your fish.  A saltwater aquarium is a total ecosystem.

At Coral Reef Farm you can find the highest quality live Coral anywhere online.  It is no easy task to maintain a living ecosystem.  The odds are stacked against you if the live Coral you purchase is not healthy to begin with.  At Coral Reef Farm, you will not only find a wide variety of live Coral for saltwater fishtanks, but healthy and robust live Coral that will in good condition for years to come. 

Of course, this depends on how you treat the Coral at home.  If you have any questions about raising live Coral, do not hesitate to ask.  But you can be certain that the live Coral will be in pristine condition when it arrives at your door, whichever variety of Coral you choose.  Coral is very delicate and it can be hurt during transport.  Coral Reef Farm makes sure that this doesn’t happen. 

If you ever buy live Coral from a standard pet shop, the coral has come from a farm.  Why not buy live Coral directly from the source?  Coral Reef Farm isn’t just a distributor of live Coral, but we harvest the Coral ourselves.  When you buy Coral from a pet or aquarium store, you cannot be certain that the Coral has not been damaged in transit.  You also can’t be certain if the Coral was given optimal car in most aquarium dealers. 

Sometimes live Coral can be sold before they are even ready to go on the market.  Live Coral takes some time to cultivate and mature, so you can rest easy knowing that any Coral from our Coral farm has been raised in a controlled habitat and sold only when it is absolutely ready. 

What’s more is that purchasing Coral from Coral Reef Farm’s own habitat ensures that you won’t be disturbing the ecosystem of the world’s Coral reefs.  Live Coral should absolutely never be wild Coral.  We love cultivating Coral because we are fascinated by the vast undersea world and we want to see wild habitats remain pristine.  In all, you can be certain that you’re purchasing live Coral from one of the top reef farms, ensuring both the safety of the world’s oceans and the longevity of your home aquarium.
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