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Coral Reef Farm is not just any other on-line livestock company. We quarantine and heavily screen all our animals before we ship them out to you. We guarantee our animals will arrive alive and stay alive for 24 hours upon delivery.

Because our pieces are rare and one-of-a-kind, some specimens may have a DOA guarantee or no guarantee. We will specify this information on the invoice slip, website, or if you place a phone-order.

Should your animal arrive dead, or die within 24 hours of delivery, immediately call us and let us know.

You may be asked to email a digital picture of the dead animal, or send the animal back to us via US Priority mail. We will give you instructions as to how to return the deceased animal, when you call.

You will receive full store credit on any animal that didnít survive the 24 hour guarantee, on your next order (excluding shipping and box charge). You may be asked to send a water sample, so we can ensure the cause of death was not due to poor acclimation.

We will not be liable for any animal that dies as a result of being harassed or picked on by other marine life.

Sorry, we can not replace any livestock bought on store-credit. Should the replacement animal die, please call us so one of our farmers can assist you.

Should the package arrive late or damaged, please DO NOT REFUSE DELIVERY. Accept the package and call us immediately so we can give you further instructions.

If the package is not signed for at the time of delivery, even if it arrived late, the customer will be charged for the full cost of the order, plus any and all return freight charges

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