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Cured Live Rock

The advantage to live rock to a saltwater aquarium is that it contains bacteria and invertebrates that can help clean the aquarium water.  Yet, just as there are good and bad bacteria in the human body, all of the animal life, no matter how small, is beneficial to the rest of your aquarium life.  To combat this problem, live rock is cured, so that the bad elements of the live rock are eliminated and the beneficial elements remain. 

What makes live rock “live” is not the rock itself.  In fact, live rock is often dead coral that has broken off and fallen to the sea floor.  A wide variety of creatures then take house in the porous dead coral. At Coral Reef Farm, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be the getting the safest, and most colorful, cured live rock available. 

There’s also the issue of the smell of live rock.  If the live rock has been out of the ocean for an extended period, many of the inhabitants will die off, leaving a not-so-pleasant smell.  Curing the live rock eliminates this smell by washing away those dead creatures that are giving off the bad smell, as well as reviving those creatures that are lying dormant. 

Getting cured live rock means not having to go through the curing process yourself.  When you purchase cured live rock from our facility, you can use the live rock immediately in your aquarium, rather than have to go through the lengthy and precise process of curing the rock. 

In addition, our live rock is sent immediately to our curing facility.  Problems with cured live rock can arise when the rock has been out of the water for too long.  There is only a two-step process for cured live rock from Coral Reef Farm.  The live rock is sent directly to our facility, ensuring that the live rock is both full of living creatures and it has not lost any of its color or luster. 

We use a combination of alternating currents, specialized lighting, and mineral components to ensure the health of the cured live rock.  If you require a certain kind of cured live rock for your aquarium, just contact us and it can be arranged.  We are confident that we offer the most colorful and robust live rock available that can be enjoyed immediately.   We offer live rock from reefs in Tonga, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, and much more.  You will not find a better selection.
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