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Tropical fish keeping tanks

There may be no more beautiful animal than a tropical fish.  There is a tradeoff, however.  Saltwater tropical fish—and saltwater fish in general—are much harder to take care of than your typical freshwater goldfish.  With a goldfish, you can just fill up a bowl and drop the fish in.  With saltwater fish, there are a lot more aquarium supplies, such as live corals, lighting, and water deposits.

This is an additional appeal to raising saltwater fish.  In a freshwater fish aquarium, you might buy some pebbles for the bottom of the tank, a plastic plant, and maybe a tiny plastic treasure-chest.  That’s well and good, but aquarium supplies such as live corals are like bringing the ocean into your home or office.  Not only are the fish brilliantly beautiful, but their environment is alive and beautiful as well. 

So what are live corals?  Live coral is actual living coral taken from the ocean.  It is important to factor in the type of fish you have in your fish tank in addition to the type of coral.  For example, some fish tank aficionados are purists: they want live corals and tropical fish to come from the same general location.  If you have tropical fish from the Pacific, it doesn’t make complete sense to have live coral from the Caribbean.  However, some fish tank enthusiasts don’t mind mixing aquarium supplies from different regions.  It’s entirely up to the person. 

There are a few things to consider when purchasing live corals.  If you’re getting corals sent somewhere to the mainland U.S., you want to make sure that the coral arrives in good shape.  Aquarium supplies like live coral can be fairly sensitive in transit.  A good aquarium supplier will treat live corals well—with ample room, water movement mimicking the ocean, as well as helping the coral shed bacteria that may have built up during shipment. 

There are a wide variety of live corals to choose from: Acropora corral, mushroom corals, zooanthus corals, polyping corals, SPS and LPS corrals, and a lot more.  At Coral Reef Farm, we have the widest selection of coral available—as our name suggests.  Our coral arrives at your day in the same shape as it was in our own holding tanks.  Sure, it’s a bit harder to take care of tropical fish and live coral, but it is also a lot more rewarding. 

At Coral Reef Farm, our coral is kept under optimal lighting according to the type of corral to ensure health and longevity.  For this reason, we offer a guarantee for our fish and aquarium supplies should anything happen in transit. 
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