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Coral Frags

At Coral Reef Farm we have both whole Coral and Coral frags.  However, don’t confuse that with a frag farm.  Sometimes when you order Coral from another outlet, you might be getting nothing but frags, or pieces of Coral.  There is a vast difference between our 4000 square foot Coral farm located in Hollywood, Florida and a frag farm.  However, we do also offer coral frags, should that be what you require in your saltwater aquarium. 

Frag factories are actually a real problem in this business and we frown on the process.  A frag factory is a place where the provider harvests a large piece of Coral from the ocean, breaks it a part, and then sells the pieces of Coral.  This is unethical on a couple of fronts.  First, harvesting Coral from the oceans can be detrimental to the ocean’s ecosystem.  Second, Coral factories sell small frags for an elevated price and the customer may not even realize that he or she is getting only a partial piece of coral. 

Yet if you are on a budget, or you want to have a number of different types of Coral within the small space of an aquarium, you may very well want to purchase coral frags.  The only difference is that you should have the option to also buy whole coral.  Coral Reef Farm lets you buy both types of coral. 

Just because coral frags are pieces of coral doesn’t mean that the frags do not have to be handled with great care.  At Coral Reef Farm, we handle our coral frags with the same attention as our whole coral.  This is true of the shipping process as well.  Other distributors may send you a piece of whole coral only to find that the coral has turned into two frags during shipping!  Our coral frags will end up at your door in the same condition as when it was shipped. 

The main way to tell the difference between coral frags and healthy whole coral is if the coral is mounted on a rock.  Coral frags will normally be individual pieces of coral without a rock base.  For some hobbyists this opens up the number of locations where the coral can be placed.  Also, as coral frags are also a living body, these frags can eventually grow to a substantial size. 

Another major concern is the health of coral frags.  Because it has been broken off from a reef, it could either have a shorter life expectancy; it could be crawling with parasites, or both.  At Coral Reef farms, we provide captive-bred coral: both frags and whole, mounted coral.  You can be certain that you’re getting the healthiest coral frags available from a reputable source.
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