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Acropora is a variety of live coral that is prized by hobbyists.  In many saltwater aquariums, acropora is often prominently featured, as it has an amazing array of colors and textures.  However, you can’t just order any acropora coral.  Some acropora can be a less-colorful brown of green.  Customers can be disappointed when they find that the acropora they ordered does not possess a rainbow of colors. 

At Coral Reef Farm, we have a wide variety of acropora: purple acropora, tricolor acropora, table acropora, and more.  Basically, if you are in search of any acropora variety, we likely have it in our coral farm.  It has been grown with the utmost care in our Hollywood, Florida coral farm, and we promise that the coral arrives to your door intact and healthy. 

We’re particularly proud of our tricolor acropora, though it’s tough to pick a favorite.  The great joy with maintaining a saltwater aquarium is that, at times, it can seem like cultivating something from another planet. Nowhere is this truer than with coral cultivation.  Tricolor acropora, in particular, is extraordinarily exotic, with an intricate level of colors and textures.  Peruse our site and you’ll find pictures of our acropora coral in vivid detail. 

We also have acropora coral for aquarium hobbyists of every level.  We won’t shy away from saying that growing coral can be a difficult hobby.  Indeed, if you are unwilling to put in some time, some varieties of coral may show strain.  Our table acropora is good for intermediate hobbyists.  It requires calcium, phytoplankton, and other nutrients to survive, but it is still manageable to cultivate for hobbyists who are not yet advanced. 

Coral may require different lighting, salinity, water currents, and water level to ensure that the coral has good skeletal growth.  Make sure before purchasing acropora coral that the coral will thrive in an existing environment.  If you’re looking to start an aquarium anew, it’s very important that your saltwater fish and coral are fully compatible. 

All told, raising coral can be one of the most satisfying parts of cultivating and monitoring a saltwater aquarium.  If you are careful about the mineral and elemental makeup of your saltwater aquarium, your acropora coral can thrive, and it can be thrilling to watch it grow.  In the right conditions, most acropora will grow quickly, making it the perfect addition to a home or office aquarium.   Contact Coral Reef Farm and we’ll help you pick the right acropora coral for your aquarium environment.
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